Shalimar Ranch, a Nebraska ranch property
Current Sale Price: $4.4 Million

Local History

There are 1,000 acres of fossil covered badlands filled with exceptionally sized mule deer that hide in the remote cliffs and crevices of the area. The rock formations and fossils in this area are dated to roughly 32 million years in age, placing them in the early Oligocene epoch (Rupelian, to be exact) of the Cenozoic Era.

A pasture that has been called the "Yellowhand" Pasture for years is historic in that it is supposedly the area where Buffalo Bill killed Yellowand (Yellowhair) and buried him before the Sioux Indians removed their leader and buried him in their own Sioux Holy Ground. This pasture is one that is especially scenic as well, is directly neighboring the Pine Ridge and boasts a beautiful herd of elk that come and go.

Also, considered the best and most beautiful pasture of the entire ranch, is the "Kiel Place" nestled right on the Pine Ridge west of the "north road" from Harrison, as well as neighboring the Gilbert Baker State Park. Even though the entire ranch is a natural habitat for all wild animals of northwest Nebraska, it is here that there are an abundance of white tail and mule deer, antelope, turkey, grouse and the elk herd mentioned before!