Shalimar Ranch, a Nebraska ranch property
Current Sale Price: $4.4 Million

Hunting & Leisure

There are many stories of the wildlife on Shalimar Ranch: As recently as last summer we were dumbfounded by the irrigation pipe being crushed under the weight of elk wanting drink, or the hay yards being trampled by the herd craving extra feed. We keep as lifelong memories driving south and seeing the herd on the road and in our pastures.

We have had friends take pictures of their prizes - all of which were on the ranch. The father-son team shot their prize elk on the ridge only a few miles west. The son got another right on the Gilbert Baker/Kiel border. The deer were in our creeks on the badlands. Two antelope have been downed by one bullet on our ranch! Naturally these have all been in the last few years.

We have a friend who is very interested in our wildlife from the ranch and surrounding area. He purchased a Motion Sensor Trail Camera and placed it on the ridge on the southwest tip of the Kiel Place in order to take the enclosed pictures - again from the last couple of years. A few of these are included at right.

In addition to being a hunting haven, there is a population of trout in Monroe Canyon Creek. Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy fishing the creek in their spare time.

Wildlife you can find on the Shalimar Ranch include elk, mule deer, white tail deer, antelope, trout, turkey, coyote, mountain lion and bear.